First and foremost, our hearts go out to anyone who is sick or has family or friends who is sick during this time. We must think of those who are struggling with this illness and be with them during this crises, they must be our first priority.

Illness affects us all in different ways, and businesses all over the world are struggling. Our industry is no different. Local Yarn Stores are the backbone of our industry. TNNA knows that our member LYSes are being impacted around the world by closures and quarantines. This is a page where stores can list their shops, links to their online storefronts, and any virtual events they may be having.

If you’re a Local Yarn Shop Owner

Are you a TNNA member? If you are and want to be listed, please go to this form and sign up. We are working as fast as we can to get shops listed on the site.

If you aren’t and want to be, please consider joining.

Tell us what you have going on and how we can support you during this time.

Do you have an online store? Are you offering online knit/crochet/spinning/weaving gatherings or classes? Do you offer online gift cards? Do you have a Patreon account? Do you have a YouTube channel? We have some specific-ish ideas listed on the FAQ page if you need some inspiration for things your shop can do.

Put any and all of these things in your listing (with links!) and we will make sure it gets posted.

Here are some badges you can share on social. Right click and “Save As”.

If you’re Local Yarn Shop Supporter

The site randomizes shop listings so you always get a fresh look at our members and maybe discover someone you didn’t know about.

Please click through, see what they have to offer, and support them during this hard time.

We understand that there are many shops to support during this time. But these TNNA members took the time and effort to go the extra mile to make their stores or services available in some way to you during this time. They are struggling to make ends meet and to keep their businesses open. Show them some love and tell them you know they are an important part of our industry.


We know that other groups, wholesalers, designers, business services, manufacturers, sales reps, etc. are all being affected during this time.

Please, reach out, get in touch, organize. Lend a hand to anyone you know and see how you help. We are all hurting during this time.