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We’re in the middle of creating a national knit-along for a mystery shawl called (this year!) “Pennsylvania Road Trip.” The pattern is on Ravelry. All yarn shops can sign up to host a knit-along for this project at The entire purpose of this knit-along is to support local yarn shops!

The first clue will be released on April 25 (which was originally Local Yarn Shop Day). We’re keeping to the original release schedule even with the moving of the event date, and we encourage yarn shops and their customers to join in! It’ll be fun going on a virtual road trip this spring and summer. The pattern will have not only knitting clues, but Pennsylvania history, and a few classic Pennsylvania recipes.

Stitch Your Art Out is not yet online for anything except knitting patterns (via Really Clear Designs), but that’s likely to come soon. A blog on our main website ( will keep you up to date with happenings at the shop.

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