What Is Save the LYS?

With COVID-19, Coronavirus, causing a disruption in the world, not to mention our industry, TNNA wanted to provide a place for Local Yarn Stores to showcase their businesses online.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start SaveTheLYS.com?

This page was started to showcase our TNNA member LYSes during this time of crisis. We know they are going through a difficult time and we wanted to have a place for customers to find them. This site allows customers to see them, see what they have going on whether it be online stores, classes, virtual gatherings, etc., and support them.

What about Local Yarn Store Day?

Local Yarn Store day has been postponed until September 12th, 2020. We understand that this is an important day for Local Yarn stores and we don’t want to see it cancelled. We also didn’t think it wise to continue with the event with the current threat of COVID-19 looming. The danger of this virus is real and we know that attendance at events would be low. We want the event to be as successful and as fun as possible for all involved. You can read more about Local Yarn Store Day, including a list of all participating retailers, vendors, and designers at http://localyarnstoreday.com

Will you do this every year? Will this site continue after COVID-19 ceases to be a threat?

No. This is only a site for helping stores through the current COVID-19 crisis.

What are some things that stores can do to stay in business when they can’t open their stores to the public?

Here are just a few brief ideas:

  • Set-up and link to your online storefront
  • Create an online hunt – think egg hunt, photo hunt, etc.
    • Hide “clues” or coupon codes on your website
    • Customers who find the clues get discounts
    • This brings people to your site and gets them making purchases
    • This also works with videos! Hide secret items or photos in videos and have people name them as coupon codes
  • Live Google/Zoom/Skype knit/crochet/weaving/spinning sessions
    • This could be expanded into live video product reviews/un-boxings
    • You could also do a day-in-the-life, if you want to give people a glimpse into what you’re up to…show folks what you’re knitting, making, baking, crafting, etc.
  • Online classes
    • These can be free or paid – you can ask people to make a donation, pay via various payment services, or buy a class through your website
  • Partner with a designer to start a special knit or crochet a-long

Do you have any resources to help businesses during this time?

Disclaimer: Events are changing daily, therefore, these links may be outdated. We will try to keep them updated.